Our Recipe

The recipe for success in the restaurant business is good food, friendly service, at affordable prices. The North Shack team has been following this recipe to serve customers since 1986. The menu is limited to enable us to keep our products fresh and consistent. Each day, we marinate and flour fresh chickens, then pressure-cook them to seal in the juices and create golden, tender chickens. We hand-cut the potatoes, cabbage and fish and also make our own coleslaw. The ribs are seasoned and slow cooked, then grilled and topped off with North Shacks special BBQ sauce. We use only the best cod and batter-dip it for our own tasty fish and chip recipe. All cooked in 100% Pure Vegetable Shortening!

Our History

North Shack has been a family business from the beginning. The property to build North Shack was purchased in 1983 and the footings were dug on April 1, 1985. Slowly, with the help of many family members and their skills, the restaurant was built and open for business on June 18, 1986. From the bricks to the roof, the oak trims, the food prep equipment and the menu boards, we worked together to build a business we are proud of. We are a team, with a history of working together to serve a good product with the best service possible. Our managers and crew have many years of experience, some from the very beginning, and they are all happy to help you plan your next meal or event!